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About US


Pioneering Excavation Excellence for Over Three Decades

Brazos Valley Contracting Company has anchored its reputation as a leader in the excavation and site preparation industry across Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth area and surrounding counties, since 1985. Our steadfast commitment to top-tier quality, combined with our experienced professionals, ensures every project is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

“Every successful construction starts with the land. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every project is grounded in excellence.”

- Byron Williams

Our mission

To deliver unparalleled excavation services with integrity, precision, and sustainability at the forefront, ensuring each project contributes positively to our community and environment.

Our vision

We envision a future where our expert excavation solutions pave the way for innovative construction, propelling Texas's growth with every site we prepare.

Our value

We shape the landscape with precision by maintaining environmental stewardship, community respect, and providing the foundation necessary for structures to rise.

Mini excavator digging a yard on a job site.


Discover the meticulous steps we take to ensure the highest standards in excavation and land preparation. At BVCC, we’re committed to a process that ensures durability and precision for every project.


Initiating with a thorough site analysis, we meticulously plan each excavation to align with environmental guidelines and your project requirements.


Our detailed estimate not only outlines the costs involved but also ensures that you are informed every step of the way, eliminating any surprises and fostering trust in our services.


Our execution phase is where expertise meets the earth. We navigate complex land contours and soil types with precision, ensuring a perfect foundation.